Part 2)
Do you know of anyone that has lost a leg, people that are overweight or obese, have lost toes, are on dialysis, or who is blind? This is all related to diabetes.
This is something that can destroy your life!
It is a huge risk factor for a stroke, heart disease and dementia, and yet it is such a huge common problem that we have in our society today.
There is no such thing as an essential sugar or an essential carb or essential starch, these are not needed nor necessary for your diet or for your body to function. Yet we have such a high consumption of this in our daily diet.
There are however, essential fats and amino acids that you need in your body or you will die.
You will see all these big corporations pushing to sell these non-essential products as necessary building blocks for your health that is in fact triggering higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and death. In fact there are many lawsuits that I have read and researched in conjunction with certain Type 2 diabetes medications that are linked to kidney failure, serious allergic reactions, thyroid and pancreatic cancer. That is really scarey!
I would like to explain more about sweeteners now,
Aspartame and sucralose are laboratory invented synthetic sweeteners which are marketed as the healthy alternative. But when ingested this is the process that this artificial sweetener takes:
Artificial sweeteners give the illusion of sweetness that tricks the pancreas into releasing insulin, now since there is no actual sugar involved what happens is that this unneeded insulin puts blood sugars into the cells leading to lower blood sugar. This triggers cravings for sugar.
Sugar as we all know it, that white refined stuff that we like to use in our baking, drinks, or eating sweets or eating anything that is made from processed sugar is a precursor to Chronic illnesses, chronic obesity, blood sugar problems, diabetes and a weakened immune system and tooth decay! Sugar also affects the nervous system, causes depression and a loss of memory, it is linked to ADHD and Alzheimers disease. The relationship between sugar and cancer is that cancer cells need high blood sugar to thrive. Cancer needs sugar, when oncologists are tracking cancer with a PET scan they are tracing that through radioactive glucose, so why is it that they do not understand the relationship between cancer and sugar? That makes no sense!
Fructose is commonly found in fruit and synthetic corn syrup, the liver has to process this fructose first so the cells can use it. The liver converts about 30 % of that into a particular fat that increases the risk of heart disease. It also drives up uric acid causing inflammation and gout. Fructose also raises insulin resistance in the liver which makes the pancreas work overtime to produce more insulin.
See how its that same cycle, a never ending cycle of insulin levels always being high, then you are encouraged to take medication and we know from our first blog on diabetes what that does! Researchers have even identified a previous unknown biochemical Pathway by which fructose could trigger the pathological enlargement of the heart muscle! So keep that in mind when eating lots of fruit, moderation is the key!triple-pain-combo
The brain isn’t triggered by fructose uptake like glucose does, so this doesn’t have a turn on valve, hence the overeating, becoming overweight and leading to obesity.
Sadly fructose promotes cancer, and cancer cells easily metabolize fructose which aids the growth and spreads the malignant cells. Both fructose and glucose affect the protective action of the white blood cells that attack the cancer cells and microbe, hence the cancer is more likely to thrive in that high sugary environment.
In fact fructose is the worst form of sugar! Fructose is a toxin!

Even a little bit of sugar can do harm if you are not a very very healthy wholesome well balanced person.
By making healthy food choices and maintaining even blood sugar levels will help to prevent all of the diseases that have been listed in this blog.

I think we need to do another blog on what we can do to help prevent these chronic illnesses and diseases and even how we can go into remission if we are willing to make a change to our diets.
You can do this!

Until then you may be suffering from one or many of these signs and symptoms of disease. I absolutely understand what it is like to be unwell as I have many health issues that I’m working on daily.
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