Diabetes (Part 1)

Diabetes is now an epidemic problem in our world today. As we know processed sugar is one of the major links to diabetes as it drives up insulin and insulin resistance, drives up triglycerides and it puts pressure on the liver and your adrenal glands and sets the stage for your body to have elevations in your blood sugar levels and over time leading to diabetes. When insulin is high, cell division speeds up, the faster the cells divide the faster the body ages. Fast cell division also promotes the growth of cancer cells.

To prevent diabetes you need to look at your diet and for a start
Eliminate processed sugars as they are linked to so many health problems which will will talk about in our next diabetes blog.

Dairy, it has a very high content of calcium which suppresses magnesium. Allergenic casein, the cow-milk protein, is one of the hardest foods for the digestive system to breakdown. Milk has lactose (milk sugar) content. Cheese is made of casein.Dairy is a very high insulinogenic, meaning it causes you to produce a lot of insulin, so if you are having dairy as a staple in your diet that can lead you to becoming a diabetic alongside many other illnesses including a risk of cancer! Children that drink milk are more likely to suffer from tonsil and ear infections, ADHD, but even worse is the higher risk of type 1 insulin-dependant diabetes.

Caffeine raises insulin levels so try and keep your caffeine intake to only 1 cup a day or even better change to decaffeinated..

Grains are another trigger for pain and having diabetes is a painful condition and that can lead to being overweight or obese, it contributes to heart disease and contributes to eye loss, and leads to kidney damage & neuropathy and it contributes really to lots of kinds of pain and disease. Grains are a trigger factor, wheat has a substance in it that drives up blood sugar better than what processed sugar does!

Corn is another that drives up the presence of diabetes into a person’s life. So try and avoid these foods, have a good balanced diet of protein, fats and carbs.

Nutrients to balance blood sugar levels;
Chromium and niacin work together to make the insulin receptor. Zinc holds insulin together..Magnesium, is very important, when you are breaking sugar down in your cells, there are 16 different reactions that occur in that process. Magnesium is responsible for 8 of those and magnesium is vital to metabolize sugar into energy.
So if your magnesium levels are low you are really going to struggle because we know that magnesium has a relaxing effect right?, so low magnesium causes a restriction on the blood vessels, which raises the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Even more of a reason to use magnesium oil!

Many people are deficient in nutrients because they are taking medication, which is because they are predominantly consuming diets that are high in sugar, dairy and grains. This leads to the nutrients deficiencies. So really we are going around in circles when you think about it.

We have to start at the beginning and look at our diet.
Here is a good example; Did you know that eating a diet that is high in sugar, dairy and grains can cause problems with acid in your stomach which can cause heartburn, and what are you taking for that heartburn? antacids? When you are taking oral supplements, those will not absorb into your body while taking antacids which then will lead to diabetes in the long term.
This is so very important for you to understand that diabetes IS a disease of diet!

If we look at diseases that are linked to magnesium deficiency again, we can really start to understand how important magnesium is for your body.

Heart and vascular disease
High blood pressure
Cardiac arrhythmia
Mitral valve prolapse
Heart attacks & strokes
Excessive blood clotting
Neurological diseases
Migraine headaches
Musculoskeletal diseases
Sex hormone deficiency
Estrogen dominance

The Part 2 Diabetes blog will be available very soon, so in the meantime keep your comments coming in, like and share this post with friends and whanau. You can buy your magnesium oil from Lynny, and the great thing is you have a few options of what sized bottle of magnesium that you or your family needs.

Diabetes Part 2