Identify and Detoxing your home.

Cooking-plastic exposure and how you store foods and what you cook with. Microwaves are not healthy, neither is aluminium foil.
Food-a variety of colorful nutritious foods.
Cleaning supplies-avoiding fragrance and chemical compounds.
Even dishwashers are not good for your health.
Beauty products-parabens, heavy metals, fragrances.
Medicines-over the counter medications are synthetic and have side effects, make sure you read about those side effects.
Air freshers or auto fly sprays.
Garage-chemical exposure.
Think about air quality, water quality and mould exposure.
Start with one thing at a time. Every step you take is moving you in the right direction. Replace one thing at a time. It can be overwhelming but you are thinking of your health.
Dry brushing your body before a shower, always stimulating towards the direction of your heart. Try a sauna it helps to detoxify your skin. Movement and sweating helps to detoxify your body. Try juicing to help detoxify your liver and organs, lemon, water, cilantro and honey.
Rosemary and juniper help detox the liver.
Peppermint drink is an antihistamine. Phosepholite or choline reduces inflammation and helps in brain fog and clears the brain.
Coq10 is good for energy and resets the body and helps with cell repair.
Amino globulin supplements bind toxins to cells.
Our gut is affected from environmental toxins that can lead to autoimmune diseases and even cancer. Triclosan is in a lot of our cosmetics, toothpaste and cleaning products and is a compound that is toxic to our body. Electromagnetic fields effect every organ in our body as we are made up of neurotransmitter cells that send and receive energy. Yes we walk and talk but our body is made of of energy. We have cell phones, iPads, computers, cellphone towers, xrays & scans, these are all electrical energy fields that are not good for us.
Educate yourself so you know what to ask your doctor, if you dont feel like you are getting the right answers or your health is getting worse or you are just put on meds that make you feel worse or you are not happy then try another doctor. Try alternative holistic doctors as they look into deeper issues of health and help you to get to the root causes of your health problems like, a naturopath, functional medicine doctor, holistic health professional or nurse. We are conditioned to give our power away to doctors thinking that they know everything. However they are only trained in certain aspects of health and dont have the knowledge, experience or time to delve deeply into your health problems to help you heal and for those health problems to go away. They tend to write a prescription that dampens symptoms and can cause further health issues. Dont make them responsible for your healing. Take that power into your own hands.
Educating yourself is empowering. You know your bodies rhythm better than anyone else. You are responsible to clean up your environment in your home. You can research which diet would be most beneficial for you. You can feel better when you eat well, sleep well and keep moving. Learn to read labels on everything!
And most of all understand that you are worth feeling healthy and well!

Lynny’s Magnesium Oil is also very helpful to rid the body of toxins. And can be the reason that some folks find they can get like pimples on skin in places like hands, or a specific place on your body it’s the toxins being pushed out of your body.

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