Prescribed Medication Free

Dec 2014: Medication Free for 9 months

Yesterday while doing some last minute Xmas shopping, I looked up and saw the pharmacist that used to dispense all the painkillers etc I used to take 8 years ago. She approached me, remembering who I was after all this time.
She was totally amazed how well I was looking, and how bright and alert, I was, and how well I was moving, I was even carrying a 7 month old baby around the supermarket.

We started talking about the pain relief cream, and how I didn’t take painkillers at all now, and she asked me to drop off some business cards and sample pots of the cream too her, along with one pot she would get. No promises, but it’s a good lead. She has a family member that has arthritis, and would try the cream with them…

I said I had thought about going to see the doctor I used to go to, and she encouraged me to go see him, he would be as amazed as she was…

It was lovely to have someone recognize me, that knew the road I was on back then, morphine and two other types of painkillers, and all the rest of the medications, and now to see me as I am now. We talked for about 10 minutes, in a busy shop, then outside again

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Well its time I hit the sack I guess, after just finishing checking all my private messages, and emails, I have a busy busy day tomorrow….

Its a shame facebook doesn’t show the places around NZ that my Pain Relief Cream was discussed and tried out, on Christmas Day. At least 5 families I know of did, I have re-orders and first time orders from people that have tried the cream. which is fantastic ….

I’m going to run out of containers of strong pain relief balm before New Years Eve…

Still, it will give me time to go picking more Comfrey, and other herbs, and making the concentrate so when the various suppliers open I can order more supplies… and make up balms’

I will have time to see if i can find some native plants and play around with a couple of recipes using them. Its an awesome feeling to be helping people be relieved from their pain issues….. a subject so close to my heart, and i just love hearing the story’s of different things the creams heal.

Update 5 years later

Medication Free for almost 5 years

10th May 2019
I never did get to see my old doctor, I tried to get an appointment, but since I didn’t live in that town, and he wasn’t taking anymore patients, they wouldn’t give me a one off.

I also didn’t go back to see the pharmacist, I must make a point of going to see her at least next time I’m in Tauranga.

And of course I now have this website, and 5 more products 🙂