Cunning as a fox at 82 years old.
I have a lovely pain cream user Lizzy, she was one of my first customers, she has been buying cream off me for 5 months. She’s 82, and uses cream for all the aches and pains of old age, as she puts it.

She started by asking me if she could send $5 a week until the cream was paid for, then I could send her her 1st pot. Knowing what its like to live on a low income, I was happy with this arrangement, (regular income is great for me) after she received her first pot, (cream was $20 in those days, and i never saw the need to increase her price) the $5 kept coming every week, I would check after each 4 weeks, asking when she needed another pot, always she wanted it straight away.

It’s pretty normal for people to share their pain cream with others, when they see how much it helps them. She also sends me a new customer every now and then, last month I sent her some sample pots free. Anyway this month, she again wanted another pot straight away.
I said that gosh she was using it fast, and how i thought she could cut down on how much she used at a time… and how I would post two pots, so she would always have a pot ready to use, and to slow down with giving it away to her friends.
I have just spoken to her on the phone… its 4.30 am… she rang to “tell me the truth”
She told me how she was still using the 2nd pot, confused I asked why she was buying a pot a month, thinking she was just to kind to say no she had enough.
But no, the cunning darling had been to the library and used the computer there, she said she had been to this page, seen I was selling pots for $25, so she was making some pocket money for herself, by reselling the pot I sent her each month.
After we both had a good laugh about it, and how she was a woman after my own heart, she also said, she hadn’t given the samples away, but instead used one on 3 people so far, and she now had a few friends that wanted the cream, and some were paying her at $5 a week like she did to me, she had been wanting to ask me for more pots, but didn’t want me to get upset she was making money. Everytime I think of old Lizzy I will chuckle about her shrewd way of many some money for herself.

She explained that only a few people in her age group used a computer, most didn’t, and they preferred to pay for things in cash. I hadn’t considered that there are probably a lot of older folk that don’t use a computer…. She also said $25+$3.00 was a lot to pay, and since the pot lasted so long anyway, would I consider making a smaller pots, which I thought was another very good point.

Gotta love the way she thought, needless to say, Lizzy is going to be a reseller of my cream where she lives down near Wellington, she going to change the regular amount she pays me each week, and I’ll supply her as many pots as she can sell plus a few more so she has some on hand. Makes sense to save money on postage by sending several pots at once.
I’ve got a few half sized pots here, I thought were too small, I’ll make them up and send as well…

Anyway, hearing from Lizzy was a lovely way to end the day, after the disaster of tripping and spilling a whole batch of cream, its almost 5.30 am, I better get to bed.

I wrote this 4 years ago, Lizzy is still getting tins of Strong Pain Relief Balm and selling to her friends., we talk regularly on the phone and swap stories of various success stories we have hear.

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