Lynny’s Herbal Potions Business.

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I fell and hit my head, and got a concussion, was taken to hospital, and realised the next morning I had no money, no phone, and no-where to go. So I had lived homeless in Hamilton luckily for only a week, in shelters.

When I at last worked out my fb login, in an internet cafe, and told everyone on fb I was ok, but had concussion. A friend invited me to stay the weekend in Waihi. I ended up staying in Waihi for a couple of years. So if first started my potions business when I had no money. I was on an invalids benefit with no credit rating at all. I guess that was about Christmas 2014.

Starting Small

So I started very very small, I only had 1 product, a Comfrey Balm then. So I order 1 of each sized container I thought I might use and paid cash.
Once I decided what size I would use, I brough 6 containers, that first order was $20.
I made my own labels on a free photo editor online. I got them printed on 2 sheets of 21 labels… I was thinking big lol…
The next week, I made the first real batch of balm, the rest were just research and development. I needed to buy only grapeseed oil, and a tiny bit of wax another spending $20.
Selling those 6 first containers of balm over the next 6 or so weeks, gave me enough to buy 12 containers, and more oil and wax and the first essential oils I used, but just tiny bottles.
I went on for a year, selling 4 to 5 pots of then comfrey balm a month for about a year.
Then I was just selling to people I knew in Waihi, and friends on fb.

Lynny’s Herbal Potions fb Page

At the end of 2015 with the encouragement of a fb friend, I started my present Lynny’s Herbal Potions fb page just inviting my fb friends as the first likers.
That page was so slow the first year or so. I made so many posts that never go a “like” let alone a comment.
But with nothing better I could do, I continued to make posts and share them with my friends. Very very slowly friends of my fb friends started to like the page.
I discovered magnesium oil about mid 2016. So again I started very small,
I ordered different 1 of each size container I might use to use for the magnesium Oil. And then 10 of the sized bottles I decided on.
So now I had 2 products, and thought, well that’s not much, so I made the DUO pack as well, it was both products together as a set.
I took photos of these three products, and used those on my fb page. That DUO pack that cost less than the two products separately, was a good idea and sold pretty well. So I had 3 products 🙂 Somewhere about now, I changed the name of my comfrey balm to Strong Pain Relief Balm, suddenly it started selling more. It was still the same recipe, just different name.

A couple months after that someone asked me about Kawakawa balm. I hadn’t even heard of it, so went online, to the university of Google, and found out what Kawakawa was, where to get it, and a Kawakawa basic balm recipe, which I didn’t like, but it was a starting place to experiment.
I didn’t have a car in those days, and couldn’t have walked to pick it myself. So had to rely on others to get me some leaves. A lovely fellow mobility scooter rider in Waihi, got me my first lot of Kawakawa Leaves. She also told me how to soak then in oil. So I didn’t get to actually make my first batch of Kawakawa Balm for several months.
Making a recipe I liked which was stronger than all the recipes online, I started making that balm, selling it on its own, and with the other two products, as a pack I called the Triple Treat.

Five ways to buy 3 products

So with 5 ways to buy my products, I opened a business page shop on FB. Oh, that shop was so hinky, I would get the orders via fb messenger, give my bank number, and hand write the addresses on postage bags, now remember I’m dyslexic, and I transposed letters and numbers in addresses so often it was embarrassing having orders going missing, and turning up only after the buyer had gone looking for it, and it having a 26 instead of 62 some street.

But many times I’d just send the order again at no cost. I’ve often wondered if any of those lost parcels, ended up being used by other people and they have since become a user too 🙂
I ended up buying stickers and triple checking addresses one letter and number at a time, if it was wrong, I would use a sticker on the package over the wrong address, and try again.

Magnesium Bottles Started Leaking

Then all of a sudden, the magnesium oil bottles started leaking in the mail, oh boy, that was traumatic. They weren’t broken, even though in those days back then I didn’t bubble wrap them. No this was different. The spray tops leaking even though they were on tight. It took me sending out over 150 replacement bottles to find out what was wrong.
It turned out to be the spray top itself in some orders I got from the wholesaler. They didn’t have the white card wadding inside the lid. So if I tightened the lid and then squeezed the bottle, I could hear the air at the top come out. I was buying those bottles about 20 or 30 at a time, 1 or 2 orders had the wadding, the next one wouldn’t.
When I found out what it was, I had to start buying extra lids, and using that, and just popping the spray top in with the order.
Then you would never guess what, some of the extra tops had the same problem. When I complained to the supplier, they said it was not their problem they just supplied the containers, it was up to me to test they worked.
It was horrendously expensive making new batches of magnesium oil, and the postage for each one I had to resend. That issue was nearly the end of my business, It was just lucky I still never kept any of the sales, or I would have gone under.

To be continued….

Foot Pain

I suggested she use the patches I had sent, but she said no, she likes having the night staff putting the cream on.

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