Chronic Stress and Health

It is a scientific fact that the hormones of stress down regulate Gene’s and create disease. Stress is our interpretation of the external environment demanding something from us. It affects our whole life. We are always fighting ourselves by saying I should’ve..
Thought alone can turn on emotional stress and chemical responses which means it can make us sick. Stress is when the brain and body are knocked out of balance. Its sets off a ‘smoke alarm’ type signal in our amygdala that triggers the fight, flight, fawn, freeze. In chronic stress this can lead to long term affects with health problems and trigger disease as we can not live in an emergency response feeling for a long period of time.

Some signs and symptoms of chronic stress can be;

Chronic pain, headaches, mood swings, insomnia, change of appetite, being sick more than usual, PTSD, sleeping more, drug & alcohol abuse, overly emotional, repetitive nightmares, muscle aches & pains, feeling on edge, brain fog, unable to make decisions, anxiety, panic attacks, vomiting or nausea, always on alert, & hypersensitive.
Some causes of chronic stress are; any kind of abuse including emotional & psychological. A death, a divorce, loss of a job, financial problems, an accident, a serious incident or relationship problems.
Chronic stress can contribute to; elevated cortisol, elevated blood sugar, respiratory problems, suppressing the immune system, adrenal fatigue, asthma attacks, yeast overgrowth, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, skin irritation, sexual dysfunction, heart attacks, psoriasis, gastrointestinal disorders, increased cholesterol, weakens bone density, and cancers.

How can we overcome long term chronic stress;

Change in our thought patterns, mindfulness, talk to our doctor, seek counseling or a psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapy, tapping, meditation, change in our jobs or environment, leave an unhappy relationship, acupuncture, massage, relaxation techniques, affirmations, journaling, spending time with family and friends, regular physical exercise, listening to music and getting a good nights sleep.

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