Which Product/s Would Suit You

Which Product Would Suit You. If you are new to my products, it can be hard to know which one/s are for you? Root PRO Spray. (Small Red Spray Bottle) This is my strongest pain relief product, it also tends to last longer than any balm. I recommend it for Severe,...

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The Comfrey Use Saga

Kia ora Lynny, Regular user here ! Love your products and I think I have a tub of almost all of them now ? Today, I was reading about the side effects of comfrey root tho and got a bit worried as we use the strong pain and root pro almost daily ... I tried looking for...

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Unhappy customer for RootPRO!

I have had an unhappy customer for RootPRO Spray well they were unhappy for awhile anyway, apparently he thought it was a product for rooting cannabis cuttings called RootPRO. So this person didn't read the description just bought two bottles because the price was so...

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and then the phone rang…

How to melt a big block of waxI have been working really hard getting stocks of products made for my business, before the Xmas rush, but I ran out of beeswax for the balms, a few days ago, so I ordered a 20kg block from Arataki Honey down in near Reporoa and went down this morning to pick it up.So I get it home and had forgotten how hard it is to break that block up, and I couldn’t find anyone to pay to do it, and none of my pots are big enough to melt the whole block in.

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Mouse in Chook Food

Good morning, folks and folkses gosh I woke up yawning this morning, and still having jaw breaker yawns 30 minutes later. That’ll teach me for not using my mag-oil last night and the night before, mag-oil ensures a sound, well rested sleep. waking up ready to go for...

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East Coast NAAG Trip

East Coast NAAG Another great flight yesterday. This time with Northern Adventure Aviation Group ( NAAG) a lovely bunch of Airmen, and a couple of extra passengers, so 5 planes joined us at Opotiki, they had come from as far as Auckland, travelling around the the East...

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My First Flight Jan 5, 2017 Posted on April 21, 2017 Thank you so very much, Cliff McChesney, I have wanted to fly for 40 years, and today, the 5th of January 2017, I went on a test flight, just to see if I liked it, and to do a whole lot of sightseeing, it was easily...

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Flying North Cape Cape Reinga 

North Cape/Cape Reinga 18_April_2017 Posted on April 21, 2017 14th Flight Well, I did go for that flight to North Cape/Cape Reinga the other day, with my instructor Cliff McChesney and have been to too tired and busy to write about it. First I flew up to Whangarei and...

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1st Earthworm Order

I was showing a guy my earthworm habitat today, telling him how I made it, and why and how I would sell worms when they have multiplied … He asked “So how much a bucket full of worms would cost? Depends on how big the bucket is… I replied, He looked around and said...

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Magnesium Oil Relieves Spasms from Catheter

I use Magnesium Oil for my tummy for the spasms I suffer due to the catheter I have inserted because of the fluid retention due to Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.). I use the oil on my head for the many headaches that I suffer another M.S. thing.I use the oil at the back of my neck

Kerstin Gully

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