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Plan of Action (part 2)

So I'm pretending I have ordered my products and I'm waiting for them to arrive, I have checked out my body, like described in Which Product/s Would Suit You Part 1, and found I have pain in various degrees in several places, Neck and shoulders, 3/10 left thumb 6/10...

Which Product/s Would Suit You

Which Product Would Suit You. If you are new to my products, it can be hard to know which one/s are for you. Root PRO Spray. (Small Red Spray Bottle) This is my strongest pain relief product, it also tends to last longer than any balm, I recommend it for Severe,...

Magnesium Oil For Pregnancy

Discover The Benefits of Magnesium Oil For Pregnancy Magnesium Oil For Pregnancy. It's not a secret to anybody that pregnant women care, a lot about what they put in and on their bodies (and for good reason). What’s great about this is that there’s a lot of...

Wrinkles vs Mag Oil

The side effect of using Magnesium Oil wrinkle reducing I'm 58 on Friday 22nd, and am proud of the wrinkles and smile lines I have collected over my life. My eyesight while using the computer is not so good lately, and I have been using magnesium oil around my eyes...

Rheumatoid Arthritis vs Root PRO

Today I met the loveliest woman, a local Nanny who had rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, they were so swollen and sore, and she was such a sweetheart. I opened a new bottle of root PRO Spray, and ever so gently massaged 3 sprays into each hand, she said I was a true...

Mag Oil Benefits Athletes

Mag Oil Benefits Athletes If you’re an athlete or if you enjoy fitness and exercise, then magnesium should be a very important part of your life. If you want to help your body, taking magnesium supplements is not enough. The best way to intake magnesium is topically,...

Magnesium Oil for truck driver

Woo hoo, RECOMMENDING LYNNY’S POTIONS. Relief from aches, pains & strains. As a truck driver I have suffered my fair share of strain & pain. I don’t believe in masking the pain with pain killers so I endure it.

Magnesium Oil for Dog Health

I’ve noticed dogs really love to lick my hands, face and feet in the last few months especially, I thought it was just my winning personality, today however, I had a dog visitor right after I got out of the shower, before I put sprayed more magnesium oil on my skin, this dog, he came in as usual, licked my face, hand and foot once, and turned around and sat on my feet, disappointed.

Strong Pain Relief Balm warms feet

Applying my pain relief cream to feet, warms whole body up.
One of the people that uses my pain relief cream, has pain throughout her body, but especially plantar fascia, so when she brought the cream, I suggested she massage cream into the heels, soles of her feet and rub excess into foot in general…once that is working, she finds she only occasionally has to use cream in other parts of her body..

I can Stop the Pain

After 22 years of pain, you’d think I remember I can stop it, I have the potions… I decided to have an earlyish night tonight, because the pain was pretty bad, so turned on an audio book to listen to, and went to bed, my hands, shoulder and back were so painful, I was rocking and shaking

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