Arthritis Testimonials

Ankylosing Spondylitis Strong Pain Relief Balm

This strong pain relief comfrey balm is Incredible!!

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis of the spine and have been in very bad pain with degenerating discs for years.

I ordered the balm and by the 3rd application .. (the 3rd day) it started to make the lumber region stronger and decreased my pain.

I could tell it was trying to heal ... rather than just relieve pain. I'm totally impressed, excited in fact and I just had to tell you. thank you Linny !!!

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A.K 01/May/2019

Triple Pain Combo

I bought the triple pain relief pack. I have had success with all 3 products. I had run out magnesium caps and was experiencing cramps. I rubbed the Magnesium Oil into the muscle and had almost instant relief. I have arthritis throughout my body and the Balm worked instantly on my knee, my hands and my elbows. The Root PRO is helping my partner with his Anylosing pain deep in the ligaments.

Liz Naulls 12/April/2019

osteoarthritis in her spine, hip, knee and thumb

I just spoke to a lovely woman on the phone, she has osteoarthritis in her spine, hip, knee and thumb.

I believe she said she has had osteo for 30 years and has been in terrific pain with it, but for the past 6 few months, she can't believe she is the same person.
She used to take Tramadol and Codeine 2-3 times a day. When she started using Strong Pain Relief balm, and Root PRO Spray she stopped taking all her pain meds almost immediately, she said she feels so much better not taking meds, and now knows she is in control of her pain.

She recommends the strong pain relief is very good, but add a couple of sprays of the root pro spray to the balm, and mix it together before applying and it's a wonderful combination, she puts it on after her morning shower, and it lasts her all day and night, she has gone from being housebound to now able to do about half the aisle in a big supermarket or go to town to have a coffee with friends, then a wander around, things she hasn't been able to do for years. She was bone on bone in her back and hip, she also has it in her hands, and had to stop knitting over 5 years ago, she is now back knitting and enjoying having the freedom.

Lynny B about Ina 05/April/2019

Root PRO SPray Highly recommend

Recently (last week ) purchased this product , it is amazing ! Recently diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my knee , cant use usual anti inflammatory medicines , due to allergy . This root PRO spray is a god send , I am now able to get some decent pain free sleep . Highly recommend this product

Heather Maxwell 18/January/2019

Dog Arthritis MagOil

Dog arthritis in spine Magnesium dogs.....they are 10 years old this girl has got certified arthritis in spine and my boy is showing signs....being about 95 human years...they carry on like puppies...but the signs of stiffness are definitely showing ...esp in the mornings....bones cracking and trouble walking ......soooo along comes MAG spray....i use it down their spines and give a massage...( they line up for this now...know the drill)....rub bout 10 sprays into morning....both are bounding around like absolute idiots....yes they are 10years old....and on no other pain girl Venus would normally be very sore and stiff and walking is clearly difficult.....yet now she bounds around like a 2 year this and I won't be going to get the weekly injection of anti-inflammatory jabs for them now.....wahooooo.

Dog Lover 15/November/2018

Degenerative Disc

Degenerative Disc: I have been using Lynny's strong pain cream and magnesium oil for 2 weeks now. I love it!!!
I have arthritis in my left hip, right knee and both thumbs. I also have a degenerative disc problem in my lower back. Using the magnesium oil at nightI get a quality pain free sleep. I use the cream in the morning and I am pain free all day. It's great as I work as a community support worker and some days the workload is quite heavy.
Thanks Lynny for the best pain relief I've had in years.

Guest 01/November/2018

Love Root Product

I love this Root product, it is all I am using now and is keeping me pain free,
I have osteoarthritis in hip and lower back, so when I have a shower put 2 drops on my leg and 1 on my shoulder and presto no pain all day. keep up the good work that you do you are the best Lynny.

Judy Stephenson 01/October/2018

Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain. Swollen Hands Gone in an Hour A couple came here today 27 May 2017 about 1pm, and got the Duo of Magnesium Oil and Strong Pain Relief. I've just had these Messages at 6 hours later...Vicky H.
Hi Lynny, lovely meeting you today, hubby used the cream and the swelling had gone down within an hour and pain had eased, thank you so much. I just read a post where the person said they had psoriasis, and you said to add something to the cream, hubbys has flared up again and we just dont want the steriod cream and everything else they advise with all the yuck stuff in it. Are you able to help out in that department. Many thanks Vicky.
Lynny Said: Oh I'm very pleased about Hubbys hands, I have a grin from ear to ear. What was the actual problem with Hubby's hand that made them so swollen.
Vicky H. He supposedly has arthritis in the tendons and trigger finger. He read the info you gave with the magnesium and sprayed some on his hands which one he has not been able to touch his finger tips to his hand or straighten his hand out flat, he just showed me he can. He has this big smile and says the pain has eased so much. Thank you so much, i even had a little cry seeing him smile from less pain.
Lynny That is so darn neat, especially remembering his face when I was saying what the mag oil would do ... I'm chuckling I just love the men converts . Let him know I sell the balm in 600 ml pots and the mag oil in 1ltr and 2ltr containers.
Vicky H... They have been trying to get him to have his other hand operated on for trigger finger, tendons and carpel tunnel but he has said no. I  thought it would take a few days for a change but helped instantly, his trigger finger which it locks down and he has to crack it open is now making a squishy noise but it is not locking down he can open and close it by itself. You are wonderful, thank you.Lynny .. You are both so very very welcome....
Hey Vicky, since you gave me a great first review, next time you are in town, pop around and grab some complimentary Kawakawa Cream, we'll see if we can get that psoriasis behaving itself before I have to move.

Vicky H 05/September/2018

Arthritis, Pain, and Diabetes

I absolutely loved Lynnys pain relief cream.
I have arthritis in more places than I don't but most painfully in my feet, knees and hip. I also have sciatica that is incredibly disruptive and painfulThank you Lynny I am sleeping better and my pain levels are manageable to non existent. The use of the magnesium oil has helped stabilize my sugar levels as well. Very happy camper here

Caytie Hogan 28/August/2018

DUO Pack for Xmas

I received some of Lynny's magnesium oil and pain cream for xmas...have waited so I can report the differences for myself....I have arthritis in both knees and thumbs...
I have had big varicose veins in both calves and a lot of small veins and brown areas on my legs...
I used the cream the first night and noticed that I didn't move continuously all night because of the pain...I also get bad cramping which there was no sign of... as I am pain 24/7I again used the cream the next day ...
I visited my friend who also bought some and was telling her how it was for me when I noticed my hand movements had nearly no pain and were looser ...I stopped taking my pain killers over the next 4 days to see how much pain was gone....I could handle the pain during the day but not yet at veins seem to be getting smaller and the little ones seem to be a bit less...the brown areas seem to be lessening too...

Tngaire Grubner 01/May/2018

OsteoArthritis Pain Relieved

I have been using Lynne's strong pain relief for a week now and have found it an amazing product. I have osteoarthritis in my lower spine and my cervical area. I apply the cream after showering in the morning and I have been pain free all day.
Then apply more at bedtime. I also am using the magnesium oil rubbed on my feet at bedtime and have been having a great sleep.
Before using the oil it took me along time to fall asleep.I have just ordered some of the kawakawa balm for my sun damaged skin on my lower legs. I will review this after using. So pleased I discovered Linnie and her amazing natural products.

Shirley Birchall 16/April/2018

Magnesium Oil Arthritis

My dad has arthritis and he was here over the weekend .fortunately I had enough strong magnesium oil to give him to try. I could tell he was skeptical but I just got a message saying it actually works really well for his pain.I'd say he will be in touch for an order lol.:) Another reveiw from me lol...

Chelsea Petersen 15/August/2017

knees and hands SPR

I ordered the Strong Pain Relief Balm after a good friend suggested your products. I have to say I wasn't expecting the results I'm getting, I can't thank you enough for making this product. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 20 (now 27) and I have never used something that is this effective. I woke at 4am today inconsolable and in extreme pain - knees and hands especially. Within 15-20 minutes of applying the balm I was feeling relief. Thank you!

Sarah Hull 10/May/2017

arthritis in hands and knees

Review: Your cream is a godsend, with winter coming on my arthritis in hands and knees have been painful, but using your cream for two days now, I can open pill bottles, do up buttons and zips. I didn't think it was possible to have painfree hands now, but your cream is wonderful. God Bless You Lynny.
Jan from Invercargill

Jan from Invercargill 17/May/2016

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Lupus (SLE)

Also long over-due but I like the "herbal potion".
I'm suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Lupus (SLE) and it's very painful! Lynny's "herbal potion" does the trick. I put it on my body whenever there's pain and massage it in.
About 2mins I feel the effects and in another 2mins I'm almost pain-free so I can get out of bed!! I've recently ordered another pottle. And it's also smelling great. This is my feedback. Thanks Lynny! 

‎N de Raad‎ 12/March/2016

Doggie Review

Doggie Review... Woof woof, thank you 😉
Mothers Review... Sandy is a rescue fox terror, she had a hard life before we got her, she had puppies to young, and to many litters, and she had fractured hips before we got her.
Sandy has arthritis so badly, the vet suggested I think seriously about putting her down, because of her pain. After reading all your review posts, I thought Sandy had nothing to lose, last Sunday when I was going to give her a bath, I rubbed in about 2 teaspoons of your cream under her belly, and all round her hips. I went to get the towels and tub for her bath, I came back and my dear Sandy was walking around almost normally.
I cried I was so happy, I took her into see the vet this week, and he couldn't believe it. I have during the week found I didn't need to use so much as the first time, I was just guessing, and Dear Sandy is now wiggling her bum, something she hasn't been able to do at all for over a year. I also noticed that she is licking the cream off her coat, she has had no hope of reaching around like that for ages. The vet, would like to get some of your cream and will contact you, and I, of course, would like some more, and I'll start paying off a big pot for next time. Thank you Lynny, you are an Angel. (((HUGS)))

Sandy and his Mum 31/January/2016

Rheumatoid Arthritis playing guitar

I play guitar and my Rheumatoid Arthritis in hands was really becoming a problem, but your cream is really very good, using it means I can play as normal ...
A woman at the community lunch today in Waihi. I forget her name.

guitarist 29/January/2016

waiting for a hip replacement

Dear Lynny, I'd like some more of your magic cream, I brought some for my own arthritis but used it on my husband, he's waiting for a hip replacement, and says its wonderful, doesn't take away all the pain, but he's walking without stick now. We still have a six month wait, so can we get a bigger pot please. Laney

Laney 27/October/2015