Comfrey Roots… about Rob H

Comfrey Roots Part 1

Three years ago, I had just moved into flat in Waihi, and wanted to grow some comfrey for my Strong Pain Relief Balm. I was in a gardening group on fb and someone was offering Comfrey roots, and I got some. I planted them, and they grew really well. Not enough leaves for the all the balm I was making, but I had a coupe of people that grew organic gardens, They would drop me off more leaves when I was making a new batch.
Anyway I ended up making a fair bit of comfrey extract from that comfrey plants I got from those roots as the plants grew stronger.

Comfrey Roots Part 2

I had just moved to Murupara, and I bought those first comfrey roots with me. I had divided the roots up  and planted them and have about 3 plants just starting to grow now, but I’m making a heck of a lot of the balm since February this year, I now would need about 200-400 plants at least growing to get enough leaves, especially for the first couple of years until the plant gets established.

So I made a post on the fb page Lynnys Herbal Potions, about 2 months previously (July 2017) asking for anyone that could send me comfrey leaves or roots only from organic gardens, when they started growing after the frosts, several people have said they would fill a banana boxful or black rubbish bags full and send and send it to me to help out, that won’t be for another 3 or 4 months yet, and I’m totally out of comfrey extract, and only have a very limited number tin’s of the balm left now, until the beginning of December.

I’m too busy with promoting this fb page and business and I had left this NZ gardening group because it so busy…. yesterday one of my Pain Relief user’s private messaged me from the fb Lynny’s Herbal Potions page, saying she remembered my post about wanting roots and leaves, and this guy was giving away a lot in Hamilton.

I’m need More Comfrey Roots

So I sent a message to this guy asking him how many roots he had, to see it it would be worth getting someone to drive me up to get them, about a 2 hour trip each way…. He replied back that he had about a car boot full but it was going fast. I asked him if I sent him money for postage would he send a couple of banana boxes full down. He replied that no he had had many people wanting him to send around the country, but he couldn’t it had to be picked up.
DIsappointed but understand his situation, I decided I would see if I could find someone that was coming down this way to bring it down, but wasn’t that hopeful.

Anyway we talked for a quite a while about what I wanted to do with the roots.  I want to grow enough comfrey to start using the roots one day, which are much stronger and the balm. The roots won’t stain clothes when someone uses too much.  or can’t be bothered massaging the balm in properly and put there clothes on over there greasy balmy skin.
We talked about other things I have done with comfrey in the garden, and he told me his stories, “as you do” with private messaging 🙂 .
He had just been told that day that comfrey could be made into a pain relief balm, and he was interested in trying to make some himself but wanted to know where I bought my beeswax from. I told him I bought it by the 20kg block, and it costs a fortune per kg.  He was interested in trying some balm made out of a herb he grew so much of. So I offered to send him a sample pot to try, we agreed he would send me a $5 postage bag of roots, and I would send him some balm. A wee barter thing. 🙂

More talking and I offered him some magnesium oil for another bag of roots 🙂
Time for bed, and he said he would email me his address, and I could reply with my address… and we would barter…

Now the small world part of Comfrey Roots…

Before I woke this morning this guy had read a conversation on fb messenger before last nights one. From about 3 years ago, talking about him sending me some comfrey roots, and in the email he sent this morning he mentioned he had sent me roots before. Sooo…

The balm I’m sending him, will not only be made from the same sort of plants he grows, it IS actually made from the leaves from some roots he sent me 3 years ago, today I have sent off this parcel of goodies, of course it’s not samples now, it’s the 100ml size tin I sell of the comfrey strong pain relief balm, along with samples of other things I’m developing for products, and a cup of wax, so he can make some balm himself, if he chooses too.

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From the post I made above, one of the replies was from Rob.

Rob Hammington: Well I guess I’m that guy Lynny!!! Within the next few days I will be digging up some more comfrey root and will send it to you to get your crop going again. The timing is right as they are just starting to grow now. Small world eh?

The Comfrey Root saga hasn’t ended yet

Rob sent me a banana box of Comfrey Roots, a couple of days later.
Planting comfrey is pretty tough work for me. However, I sat and cut the roots into about 5cm lengths and I hired someone to plant them.
I was wiped out when she came to collect her pay and leave, but when I checked the next morning, 3×50 meter rows, she hand planted most of the Comfrey Root up-side-down!!  As it that wasn’t enough I knew they were up-side-down because she had only covered half the the root, like it was a bulb. Grrrr obviously I hadn’t used my magnesium Oil for awhile, otherwise I wouldn’t have got so upset, how could a gardener ever think the smallest part of a root was the top….

I was in the start of a relapse then, and the upset stress made the relapse full blown within a couple of hours. I just crawled long the ground, turning the roots right-way-up and burying them deeper. WHen exhausted after 20 or 30 minutes I’d just lay down, to rest, I had no hope of getting up. I need a chair to lean on to get up from the floor or ground. The chair I used to get on my hands and knee was at the start of the 1st row, to far to crawl.  I don’t cry, but hell I felt like crying that day. It took me about 6 hours to get back up the second row to that chair. The whole job would have taken a healthy person probably an hour at most. But silver lining it didn’t rain in those 6 hours.

Later in the season, about Rob dug for me, and someone picked up half a carboot-full and brought down to my new home in Murupara. So I the 2017/18 summer I had comfrey plants growing everywhere well over 200 plants. It was a hot dry summer, and I couldn’t water them properly. So sadly they didn’t grow as strongly as they could have, and there were several gaps in the rows.

Robs Comfrey Roots help make a new Product

The second lot of comfrey roots Rob sent, the car boot full, were way too many for me to plant, so I washed the leftovers and used them to make what was to become my first Root PRO Spray
Gosh I wish I had the Root PRO for the flare up from replanting the upside-down roots. 🙂 It has gotten me through some nasty relapsed since though. I have 2 bottles of the root Pro, one near my computer and one beside the bed. In over a year of using it, I still haven’t used a whole bottle 🙂

Anyway. this is getting very long to read, but the first batch of Root Oil, Root PRO Spray, Root PRO, That Root Oil, That Root Stuff
It gets called a lot of things, even “That stuff in the red bottle” Was so good, and sold so well, I could see I was going to need a LOT more Roots, and Rob came to the rescue again. So you dear reader get up have a stretch, go pop the jug on, and do what you have to do, and read the story of how the Root Oil cam to be made in the link below.

Making Root PRO Spray