My First Flight Jan 5, 2017

Thank you so very much, Cliff McChesney, microlite plane I have wanted to fly for 40 years, and today, the 5th of January 2017, I went on a test flight, just to see if I liked it, and to do a whole lot of sightseeing, it was easily the best 90 minutes of my life, nothing even comes close.
We flew in a Microlight and went from Thames, back over to Waihi, around the Martha Mine, over the ponds up on the hill, then out to Waihi Beach and up the coast to Whangamata, over the hills to Coromandel, then out over the sea again, past all the Mussel farms, and back down the coast to Thames. I was flying it for about 5 minutes, myself.. but it seemed like about 20 minutes, I was just so buzzed out by it.
It was a calm day, but I was amazed just how easy it was. The hardest thing in the whole flight was getting out at the end, both because I wanted to go back up, but also I have to learn how to move from sitting to standing on the seat to get out… I’m going back next week for another lesson… and going to keep going until I can fly solo, then do enough hours to be able to sit my PPL to fly this baby.

Cheers Lynny