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Chickens 1st Big Day Out Exploring.

Chickens 1st big day out exploring.

1 day old Chicks go adventuring with mum.

What a busy day,  watching the two chicks go on their first adventure into the big wide world I’m really enjoying having chicks to watch again.

The muma chook’s name is Vicky, she was hatched in an incubator and hand reared, and I’m amazed at how she just knows what to do with her babies.

She has lost so much weight while sitting on the eggs, it was good to see her out scratching around in the pen. She was Looking for worms and teaching her chicks what is food and what isn’t food. How to scratch, teaching them what noise she makes when she has food to show them.

There are two other hens in the pen, and they are taking the term “Mother Hen” Chicks resting with Muma

I saw Vicky chastising the yellow chicken today and one of the Aunty’s ready took exception to it, and ran over squawking at the Muma. It was pretty funny.

Then later there was a cat sitting on top of the fence. The two aunts just stood on guard between the chicks and cat. They were almost daring the cat to come into the pen so they could so his what for.

I will post more photos of the chicks they grow just so fast. Even in a week’
Even though we only ended up with 2 chickens, I’m so pleased to have them to sit and watch as they grow. I’ve locked them away for the night . It will be fun to let them out again at 7 am or thereabouts. Then to see what they think of wet grass, its been raining overnight.

The next morning.

I just starting to rain and I went out to lock the chicks in, Ma was sitting in the nesting box keep chicks warm.  The two Aunties were standing outside but close by talking to Mum. I swear if they had cups they would have been sitting around drinking a coffee.

They were all taking turns at talking quietly, so as to let the chicks sleep.
It was sorta sad the two aunts had not stories to tell about when they had their first lot of chicks. I told them that whenever they want to go clucky, I would get some fertile eggs for them as well all. Then they would all have stories about the time they sat on eggs. I hope I didn’t lay it on thick, but I would be quite happy to just have them all hatching out chicks.  So I had differently aged chicks running around, especially in summer.  Then I could sit out on my swing all day and just watch them.

Well done Mumma

I keep telling mama she is doing a fine job of being a mum. I compliment her on how attentive she is to her babies.  The things I notice her doing or teaching her babies. Showing her how interested I am in how she knows what to do.  I don’t want to have her feel like I did an insecure young single mum. She is really responding to what I’m telling her, and looking very proud of herself.

I’ve explained to her about how she needs to enjoy her chicks because they grow so quickly. How only one week they would have their first feathers.  And oow in the time she had been sitting on the eggs waiting for them to hatch. That in that same would be too big to sit on anymore. Mumma nodded her head and blinked to tell me she understood. I don’t think she believed they would ever be too big for her to have them safely tucked in her feathers.

Most chooks aren’t good with the concept of time, but I have spoken to
her so much while she was sitting on her eggs. Telling her each day how many weeks and days she had to wait to see if the eggs had babies in.
I, of course, had to explain what babies were, she didn’t remember when she was that young and the whole “birds and the bees” talk wasn’t relevant to her. When I told her, she said she was very pleased I had got the eggs from a place down the road. Then we discussed adoption and foster care in great detail.

So we have covered the main topics, and I’ll keep telling her more as time goes on. 🙂

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